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Track Record

You and your family count on local government to provide Westfield with many vital services. You also need to make every tax dollar count. It’s a tricky balance and one I take seriously as your city councilor.

My record in office and my words back this up. I voted in favor of last year’s 0% tax increase when I thought we could afford it. I also staunchly opposed harmful cuts to our schools, the rail trail, and other important projects and services needed to keep our city moving forward.

It’s been a pleasure to serve you as your city councilor these past two years. I wish to continue fighting for all the important services you benefit from and making sure your tax dollars are spent wisely. I respectfully ask for one of your seven at-large votes this November 7th.

My Priorities and Accomplishments

  • Stopped drastic cuts to Westfield’s Schools
  • Voted in favor of 0% residential tax increase for FY 2017
  • Expanding tax deferment program for seniors
  • Fought against cuts to rail trail
  • Supports COLA increase for city pensioners
  • Supported the mayor’s FY 2018 budget
  • Voted against raises for city councilors
  • Established economic development advisory to city council
  • Leading the charge to help stop opioid crisis through exploration of a lawsuit, at no cost to the city, to recoup losses from opioid drug manufacturers and distributors. See Westfield to consider legal action against opioid manufacturers over addiction crisis for more information.